Many people wonder if it is healthy for children to receive chiropractic care and the short answer is yes! It's healthy for EVERYONE. Children, like adults can benefit greatly from an optimally functioning nervous system.

For kids, chiropractic care is necessary for proper development of a child’s spine. As children continue to grow their spines undergo many forms of trauma as they learn to sit up, crawl, walk, play, and become involved in sports. With all of the falls and mishaps that children often experience, the odds are quite high that minor injuries are occurring that don’t necessarily cause significant pain at the time of the injury. However, these minor injuries, if left untreated can accumulate over the years until such time that more significant health issues evolve. Gentle chiropractic adjustments of your child’s spine will aid in keeping their spine aligned, especially as their natural spinal curves are established.

Child’s adjustment techniques are modified to fit the child’s size, weight and unique spinal condition. Proper spinal care is a key part of better overall health. The benefits are improved immune system, improved sleep and digestion, less headaches and earaches, helps with allergies and asthma, scoliosis, and more. 

Another essential part of our pregnancy/pediatric care is providing parents with all the information they need concerning health and wellness. From child nutrition, exercise, ADHD, diabetes prevention, and stress reduction- Dr. Joseph and Dr. Rachel are committed to providing your family with proper care and complete wellness education to be the healthiest you!